A Very Foul Play: The Aurora Teagarden Cast

If you’re a fan of the Aurora Teagarden series, you’ll want to check out this blog post. We’ve got the scoop on the cast of the upcoming movie, A Very Foul Play.

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Aurora Teagarden

Aurora Teagarden, a professional librarian with a fondness for solving murders, is the lead character in a series of mystery novels by Charlaine Harris. Harris also wrote the Southern Vampire Mysteries, which were adapted into the HBO series True Blood.

Aurora is portrayed by Candace Cameron Bure in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries television film series based on the books. The first film in the series, Real Murders, aired in 2015. To date, eleven movies have been produced in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries franchise.

In addition to Bure, the films star Niall Matter as Roe’s love interest Detective Robin Crusoe, Marilu Henner as Roe’s mother Aida Teagarden, and Lexa Doig as Roe’s older sister Phillipa “Pippa” McClellan.

The Cast of Aurora Teagarden

Aurora Teagarden is a librarian with a smart, analytical mind and a love of solving mysteries. When her first husband dies under suspicious circumstances, she realizes that real-life crime is more dangerous than the puzzles she loves to solve.

Rose may be Aurora’s mother, but that doesn’t stop her from meddling in her daughter’s life. She’s always looked out for Aurora, even if it means butting into her business.

Martin is Aurora’s second husband and a levels-headed Detective with the law enforcement experience to help Aurora crack even the toughest cases.

Sophie is Aurora and Martin’s precocious daughter who loves helping her mom solve crimes. She’s always eager to lend a hand – even if she does get underfoot sometimes.

Roe is Aurora’s closest friend and confidante. She owns a bookstore and is always happy to help with research for Aurora’s latest case.

The Mystery of Aurora Teagarden

Aurora Teagarden is a librarian with a love of solving crimes. She often finds herself in the middle of mysteries, and uses her keen intellect and observation skills to solve them. The Aurora Teagarden series is a series of mystery novels by author Charlaine Harris, and has been adapted into a movie and a tv series. The following is a list of the cast of the tv series adaptation.

Aurora Teagarden – Candace Cameron Bure
Martin Bartell – Niall Matter
Reginald “Roe” Buckmann – Robert Wagner
Aubrey Scott – Lexa Doig
Sally Allison – Marilu Henner
Nick Crandall – Jordan Donica

The Characters of Aurora Teagarden

Aurora “Roe” Teagarden is a librarian with a penchant for solving murders. She’s a member of the Real Murders Club, a group of hobbyists who meet to analyze famous unsolved murders, and she frequently finds herself in the middle of bizarre murder cases.

Martin Bartell is Roe’s best friend and next-door neighbor. He’s a police detective who often consults with Roe on cases.

Avery Barefoot is Roe’s other best friend. He’s a lawyer who often gives her legal advice.

John Queensland is Aurora’s love interest. He’s an investigative reporter who is also interested in solving murders.

The setting of Aurora Teagarden

The fictional town of Lawrenceton, Georgia, is the setting for Aurora Teagarden. Aurora is a librarian and amateur sleuth who often finds herself in the middle of murders. Her friend and fellow librarian, Robin Crusoe, is usually roped into helping her with her investigations. The series is set in the present day and features a mix of contemporary and historical characters.

The plot of Aurora Teagarden

Aurora Teagarden is a librarian with a love for solving murders. When her best friend dies under suspicious circumstances, Aurora begins to look into the case. Set in the small town of Lawrenceton, GA, Aurora’s investigations take her through the seedy underside of the town and bring her face to face with danger. The Aurora Teagarden cast includes Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora, Yukon Men’s Robert Wagner as Martin Bartell, and Lev Gorn as Detective Sergeant Jack Mullen.

The ending of Aurora Teagarden

While fans of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries might be sad to see the series come to an end, they can take comfort in the fact that the ending was a very fitting one.

Aurora and her friends solve one final mystery in the final episode, and while it is a bit of a departure from the previous cases they have solved, it is a very fitting end to the series. The mystery is solved, justice is served, and Aurora and her friends all go their separate ways.

While it is always sad to see a series come to an end, fans of Aurora Teagarden can take comfort in the fact that the ending was very fitting and satisfying.

What the critics are saying about Aurora Teagarden

Critics are mixed on the quality of the film adaptation of the Aurora Teagarden series. Some feel that it is a fun and lighthearted murder mystery, while others find it to be dull and unoriginal. The main criticisms seem to be centered around the screenplay, which many feel is not faithful to the original source material.

10 things you didn’t know about Aurora Teagarden

Detective Roe Teagarden is used to solving murders. But when her fiancé’s ex is killed, suspicion falls on him. Roe must use her investigative skills to clear his name in this charming Southern murder mystery series based on the books by Charlaine Harris (True Blood).

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Aurora Teagarden:

1. Roe was named after her father, police detective Arthur “Rocky” Teagarden.

2. Roe’s mother died when she was just a baby, and she was raised by her father and his second wife, Jane.

3. Roe has two half-sisters from her father’s first marriage: Lisa, who is older, and Phillipa, who is younger.

4. Roe is an only child from her father’s second marriage.

5. Roe’s father was killed in the line of duty when she was only fourteen years old.

6. After her father’s death, Roe went to live with her half-sisters and their families. However, she never felt like she fit in and eventually ran away from home.

7. Roe eventually moved back home and attended college at the University of Georgia, where she majored in criminal justice.

8. After college, Roe took a job as a crime scene analyst with the law firm of Hamilton & Hamilton in Atlanta, Georgia. She later became a partner at the firm. 9 In her free time, Roe enjoys gardening and reading mysteries . . . which comes in handy when solving murders! 10 Aurora Teagarden is portrayed by Candace Cameron Bure in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original movie series .

The Aurora Teagarden cast- where are they now?

It’s been almost eight years since the premiere of Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, and fans are still clamoring for more. The show, based on the series of books by Charlaine Harris, follows librarian Roe Turner (Candace Cameron Bure) as she solves murders in her small town of Lawrenceton, Georgia.

Though the show only ran for three seasons, it developed a small but dedicated following. And though there have been no plans to continue the series on television, that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what happened to their favorite characters.

So, what ever happened to the cast of Aurora Teagarden? Let’s take a look.

Candace Cameron Bure (Roe Turner)

Since her days as Aurora Teagarden, Candace Cameron Bure has continued to stay busy. She is currently a co-host on The View and has also starred in a number of Hallmark movies, including Switched for Christmas and Countdown to Christmas. She also recently released her sixth book, Kind Is the New Classy.

Bure has said that she would be interested in reprising her role as Roe Turner if given the chance. “I loved playing that character and I think there are definitely more stories to be told,” she said in an interview with Closer Weekly. “I don’t know if it will happen but I would do it in a heartbeat!”

Marilu Henner (Aida Teagarden)
Aurora’s mother, Aida Teagarden was played by Marilu Henner. Henner is best known for her role on the classic sitcom Taxi, but since her days as Aida Teagarden, she has continued to stay busy with a variety of roles on television and in film. She most recently appeared in an episode of Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as well as episodes of Chicago Med and NCIS: Los Angeles.

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