Does Brick Break Destroy Aurora Veil?

Aurora Veil may also be removed using Brick Break.

Similarly, How much damage does brick break do?

40 damage

Also, it is asked, Can Brick Break Break Through protect?

Protect and Detect are not broken by Brick Break.

Secondly, Is Brick break a good move?

Brick Break is an excellent ‘go to’ move. It’s not the most powerful fighting type move, but with 75 power, it’s no slouch, particularly if you combo it with a Physical type to obtain a STAB. Add in the fact that it’s 100 percent accurate, and you’ve got yourself a very excellent move.

Also, Can Pikachu learn Brick Break?

Pikachu may learn Brick Break as a Fighting-Type move with the use of a TM.

People also ask, What type is brick break?

Combative maneuver

Related Questions and Answers

Can Protect be broken?

If the user is hiding behind a replacement, Protect will fail.

How much damage does Seismic Toss do?

Effects. Seismic Toss does damage according to the user’s level. As a result, the Pokémon will deal 100 HP damage at level 100.

Does Seismic Toss get stab?

STAB isn’t applicable to attacks that do a fixed amount of damage or don’t utilize the standard damage calculation, such as Dragon Rage and Seismic Toss.

Is Volt Tackle good?

1 Answer. Because Pikachu’s attack stat is greater than SPattack, Volt Tackle is a good match. And a light ball gives it twice damage (Stab will also be present) while moving. By much superior than Thunderbolt.

Is Thunder Wave good for Pikachu?

Thunderstorm Thunder is Pikachu’s most powerful Electric-type attack. While Thunder can melt everything it comes into contact with, it only has a 70% accuracy rate. Nobody wants to show up to an Elite Four game and miss a Thunder on an Aerodactyl or Articuno, which might do major damage.

What is TM 52?

Blast of Focus

Does Focus Punch take 2 turns?

In Generation III, Focus Punch is a Fighting-type move. In the Pokémon games, it is also the most powerful punching move. This maneuver takes two rounds to complete.

What generation is Pokemon brick bronze?

Generation VII Pokémon have yet to be included to Pokémon Brick Bronze. Ultra Beasts have already been added to Project Pokémon, a nearby Roblox-Pokémon game.

Does unseen fist go through substitute?

Unseen Fist only ignores protection moves listed in the Category:Protection link, such as Protect, Detect, and so on, rather than Substitute, like Infiltrator does.

Does decorate go through protect?

The target’s Attack and Special Attack stats are both raised two steps by Decorate. It overcomes moves like Protect and Detect to harm the victim, but Crafty Shield prevents it from doing so.

Is Brick Break better than karate chop?

Is it preferable to karate chop or smash bricks? 50 BP for a karate chop. 75.50 BP x 1.5 (STAB) + 0.125(37.5) (boosted crit chance of 12.5 percent multiplied by half power after STAB) = 79.6875 attack power per use

Is Seismic Toss better than karate chop?

Fortunately, Mankey learns a variety of Fighting techniques early on, including Low Kick, Karate Chop, and Seismic Toss. Even though it doesn’t matter whether a Fighting Pokemon utilizes it or not, Seismic Toss is by far the finest Fighting attack in the game.

Does counter work on seismic toss?

Counter is much more deadly than you may believe. It’s not only that the seismic throw is immediately countered, but that the counter is also employed on later rounds.

Does Gen 1 have stab?

STAB debuted in Generation I and hasn’t altered since then.

Can Luxray learn Volt Tackle?

1 Answer. Luxray is unable to learn Volt Tackle at all. Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu is the only line that can.


The “brick break location bdsp” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to the question is no, because Aurora Veil can be destroyed by a brick.

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