Does Harry Potter Become An Auror?

Many readers of the Harry Potter series wonder if Harry Potter becomes an Auror after the events of the Deathly Hallows. While we can’t give away too much here, we can say that Harry does indeed become an Auror!

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In the “Harry Potter” series, an Auror is a member of the British Ministry of Magic’s secret law enforcement force, which is responsible for catching and subduing Dark Wizards. The Aurors also investigate Dark wizard activity and are tasked with protecting the wizarding community from magical threats. Harry Potter, the main character in the series, is an Auror.

In the Harry Potter series, Aurors are some of the most highly skilled and sought-after wizards in the world. The training to become an Auror is intense and prolonged, and it is not uncommon for aspiring Aurors to drop out of training due to the difficulty of the program.

So, does Harry Potter become an Auror? Yes, he does. He graduates from the Auror training program and goes on to have a successful career as an Auror for the British Ministry of Magic.

What is an Auror?

An Auror is a British wizard who works for the Ministry of Magic, catching Dark Wizards. Before Harry Potter’s time, Aurors were also responsible for rounding up Muggle-borns during the First and Second Wizarding Wars to prevent them from working with Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

The training to become an Auror

To become an Auror, one must go through a rigorous training process that takes several years. The first step is to complete a basic Auror training program, which typically takes two to three years. After that, the Auror-in-training must complete an advanced Auror training program, which takes an additional two to three years.

The role of an Auror

The role of an Auror is to protect the wizarding community from Dark wizards. An Auror is a highly trained wizard who has specialised in combating Dark magic.

Harry Potter becomes an Auror in the epilogue of the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In the epilogue, which takes place nineteen years after the events of the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry is seen sending his son off to Hogwarts. When his son asks what he does for a living, Harry simply replies, “I’m an Auror.”

Why Harry Potter would make a good Auror

There are many reasons why Harry Potter would make a good Auror. First, as the Boy Who Lived, he is already famous and respected by many people. This would give him instant credibility as an Auror. Second, he has demonstrated time and again that he is brave and courageous, two qualities that would be essential for an Auror. Third, he is intelligent and resourceful, two more qualities that would be essential for an Auror. Finally, he has a personal motivation for becoming an Auror, as he wants to catch the remaining Death Eaters and bring them to justice.

The Dark Arts and Aurors

The Dark Arts, also known as black magic, refers to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. Dark wizards, such as Lord Voldemort, use the Dark Arts in an attempt to gain control over others and consolidate their own power.

Aurors are experienced wizards who specialise in the detection and capture of Dark Wizards. The Auror Office is a branch of the British Ministry of Magic that is responsible for these activities. Aurors operate in teams of two or three and are often required to work undercover. They use a variety of spells and magical creatures to help them in their work, such as the Patronus Charm, which can be used to repel Dark creatures such as Dementors.

So, does Harry Potter become an Auror? Yes, upon graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter joins the Auror Office where he works with fellow Aurors to protect the wizarding community from the threat of Dark Wizards.

The Auror Office

The Auror Office is the primary law enforcement agency of the Wizarding world, charged with the protection of Wizarding society from Dark wizards and other magical threats. The Aurors are a highly trained and specialized group of wizards who undergo strenuous theoretical and practical training in order to qualify for the position.

Harry Potter, the main character of the Harry Potter series, is introduced in the first book as a young wizard who is orphaned after his parents are killed by the Dark Lord Voldemort. When he is eleven years old, he learns that he is a wizard and is admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After completing his education at Hogwarts, Harry joins the Auror Office, where he works alongside his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to protect the Wizarding world from evil.

The Auror Department

The Auror Department is the main law enforcement division of the British Ministry of Magic, tasked with the detection and capture of Dark wizards and witches. Aurors are highly-trained in the use of defensive and offensive magic, and are often required to work undercover, in hazardous environments.

Harry Potter is a renowned Auror, having served in the department for many years. He has participated in some of the most high-profile cases in recent history, including the capture of Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

While Harry Potter does eventually become an Auror, it is not until after the Battle of Hogwarts, when he is 18 years old. Prior to this, he had been working as an apprentice under Kingsley Shacklebolt.

The importance of Aurors

Aurors are an important part of the British Wizarding community in Harry Potter. They are the elite force that is responsible for combating Dark Wizards and enforcing the laws set by the Wizengamot. Harry Potter, as one of the most famous wizards of his generation, is often asked if he will become an Auror when he grows up.

The Auror program is a highly prestigious and competitive one, and it is not easy to become an Auror. To even be considered for the program, witches and wizards must have graduated from Hogwarts with top marks in all of their classes, especially Defense Against the Dark Arts. They must also take and pass a series of difficult exams. Even after all of that, there is no guarantee that they will be accepted into the program.

So, does Harry Potter become an Auror? While we cannot say for sure (spoilers!), it seems unlikely given that he does not seem to meet all of the requirements for the program. It is possible that he could still become an Auror through other means (for example, if he were to be recruited by or appointed to the position by someone in a position of authority), but it seems more likely that he will end up doing something else with his life.


no, he does not. Pottermore says that “he considered opening his own Auror training school” but “decided against it.”

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