How Do You Get Into The Aurora Subnautica?

Getting close to the Aurora Once you have all you need, head for the Aurora in your Seamoth or on a Seaglide while well in advance donning your Radiation Suit. You should approach the ship from the left side, getting as near to the wall as you can.

Similarly, How do I enter the aurora in Subnautica?

Getting close to the Aurora Once you have all you need, head for the Aurora in your Seamoth or on a Seaglide while well in advance donning your Radiation Suit. You should approach the ship from the left side, getting as near to the wall as you can.

Also, it is asked, How do you get into the Aurora before it explodes?

Only two entry points on the Aurora are in the middle of the ship, making it impossible to get to them without noclipping before it explodes. Up until it blows up, it is “locked up.”

Secondly, What is the code to get into the Aurora?

The Captain’s Quarters’ code is 2679, but one door’s code is 1869. The Lab Access code is 6483, while the door code for the Cargo Bay door is 1454. Finally, 6666 can be used to unlock the Robotics Bay. That concludes the list of Subnautica’s Aurora door codes.

Also, Is Subnautica timed?

Suzaku’s original post reads: There is no time limit, though.

People also ask, What happens if you are near Aurora before it explodes?

Aurora Investigation. The PDA updates the player on The Aurora’s engine’s deterioration over the course of several in-game days, leading up to its eventual explosion. The forward portion of the ship is the target of the explosion. If the player is in the crash zone biome when the explosion happens, they could be killed by it.

Related Questions and Answers

Why can’t I repair the prawn bay door?

Putting out the fire in front of the repairable panel on the door’s left side. I experienced the same issue; the code cannot be cut or fixed. If you hold down the keys LB, A, and RB in that order, a command console will appear.

Are there Cyclops fragments in the Aurora?

components of the Cyclops engine (Aurora, Crag Field, Crash Zone, Mountains, and the Underwater Islands Wreck, East side of Mountain Island)

How many entrances does the aurora have?

He is referring to the two entrances on the interior decks. There are two entrances: one on each level. For one, you need the propulsion cannon to clear a passage, and for the other, you can parkour over it, although doing so makes it harder to escape.

Where is the cabin 1 code?

Code for Subnautica Cabin 1 You can finally get the code required to enter Cabin 1 in the Living Quarters by heading towards the abandoned PDA that has a Data Download named the “Sweet Offer.” The code for Cabin 1 is 1869.

What is the end goal of Subnautica?

Ryley Robinson, the only survivor of the Aurora, is controlled by the player as he is marooned on the ocean planet 4546B. The basic goal is to explore the ocean and stay alive while carrying out plot-advancing chores.

What happens if you turn off the gun before Sunbeam arrives?

Xautos originally uploaded this: Previously, if you deactivated the gun, the sunbeam would descend and announce that they couldn’t land because there wasn’t enough space, then lift off to notify Alterra of your situation.

What happens if you don’t go to the Sunbeam?

The Sunbeam is fully destroyed, its crew is slain, and its debris showers down as a result. This is due to the fact that it is considerably smaller than the Aurora, which was substantially damaged but otherwise largely undamaged.

How long does it take to 100% Subnautica?

It takes roughly 2912 hours to complete Subnautica’s primary goals. If you’re a gamer that tries to complete every part of the game, it will probably take you about 55 12 hours to do so.

What to do after Sunbeam blows up?

Directly in front of the force field preventing you from entering the alien base that downed the Aurora is a cracked purple tablet. A blue print will be added after you scan it, allowing you to construct one. Additionally, there are around four of them on the island and one more is housed inside the gun.

Where do I find the prawn suit in Subnautica?

You must first locate four Prawn Suit Fragments. The Koppa Mining Site is where these are situated. Visit the Finding the Koppa Mining Site page to learn more about how to get there. Once inside, you’ll notice that additional Prawn Suit Fragments have appeared on various mine levels.

Can leviathans destroy Cyclops?

After giving my cyclops an MK2 depth augmentation, I went back to the Lost River in the hopes of going down to explore the lava area.

Does the Cyclops recharge itself?

Can the cyclops recharge its own powercells, someone could ask? The docking bay can recharge one powercell at a time while you use the cyclops, in case some guy on the street asks you (just in case).

Do you need radiation suit after fixing Aurora?

Despite the information shown to the player, the Radiation Suit is no longer required after fixing all of the breaches in the Aurora’s drive core room (such as the PDA entry for the Nuclear Reactor).

Can the prawn suit go in the Moonpool?

You can no longer engage with the upgrades or repairs since the update (Xbox – in sync with the steam release). You can only board the Prawn. Maintaining updocking is a little annoying. In the Moon pool, the Seamoth functions perfectly.

Can Seamoth carry prawn suit?

That’s right, When equipped with a grappling arm and using the slingshot technique, a prawn suit is the quickest vehicle. I can easily exit the lowest depth using just one set of batteries. I found that although the moonpool can dock it, access is not possible to the upgrading hatch.

Can the prawn suit get out of Jellyshroom cave?

Without the Grappling Arm and/or Jump Jet Upgrade to exit the caves, exploring them in the Prawn Suit is doable but difficult.


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