How To Get Inside The Aurora Subnautica?

Similarly, Can you enter the Aurora before it explodes?

While the Aurora is hazardous and far away, the player may visit it early in the game before it bursts, however effective exploration requires numerous equipment. With its bow pointing north and stern facing south, the Aurora is placed on the map’s extreme eastern border.

Also, it is asked, How many entrances does the aurora have?

He’s referring to the two entrances on the interior decks. There are two entrances: one on the lower level and one on the higher level. You’ll need the propulsion cannon to create a passage for one, and you may parkour over the other, but getting out will be difficult.

Secondly, What is the code to get into the aurora?

The code for one door is 1869, while the code for the Captain’s Quarters is 2679. The door code 1454 can be used to unlock the Cargo Bay door, while the Lab Access code is 6483. Finally, 6666 may be used to access the Robotics Bay. That’s all of Subnautica’s Aurora door codes.

Also, What’s the code for Cabin 1 in Subnautica?

Code for Subnautica Cabin 1 Cabin 1 has the code 1869.

People also ask, Can you crouch in Subnautica?

There will be no squatting. Maybe you could put a little remote-controlled drone in there? This post addresses the original subject, according to the thread’s originator. There will be no squatting.

Related Questions and Answers

How long does it take for the Aurora to explode?

If this is correct, the Reactor would reach critical about 166 seconds (2 minutes and 46 seconds) after receiving the Dark Matter Reactor Critical 2 hour warning. However, it explodes a day later in-game on both Experimental and Stable.

Is Subnautica timed?

There isn’t a time restriction.

Why can’t I repair the prawn bay door?

Remove the fire from in front of the door’s repairable panel on the left side. I experienced the identical issue with it refusing to repair, cut, or utilize code. You’ll receive a command console if you press LB + A + RB in that sequence and keep them down.

How many Cyclops engine fragments are in the Aurora?

Each completed component advances the overall Cyclops blueprint by 33%; the player must discover and scan nine pieces in total to completely finish the Cyclops blueprint.

How long is a day in Subnautica?

An ingame day is made up of 20 minutes of real time, 15 of which are spent in daylight and 5 of which are spent at night.

What does F8 do in Subnautica?

F8 to give input (wanted to report the cyclops cameras looking through base walls to show lockers / water filtration / docked seamoth / etc) may cause a malfunction and pull you out of the cyclops camera view.

Can Seamoth outrun Reaper?

yes. easily. If you tilt the seamoth forward (approximately 45 degrees), you may utilize its vertical force to propel you forward, increasing your maximum speed by around 30%.

How long is night in Subnautica?

In actual time, how long is it? There are 20 minutes of daylight and 15 minutes of darkness. By entering ‘daynightspeed [insert value here, 1 is default] into the terminal, you can slow things down.

What happens if you turn off the gun before Sunbeam arrives?

Xautos originally posted this: If you disabled the gun, the sunbeam would come down and declare they couldn’t land since there wasn’t enough space, then take off to alert Alterra of your situation.

Are there other Subnautica people?

Moving on, there are two islands to visit later in the game: the Floating Island, which was home to three Degasi survivors, and the Mountain Islands, where Keen ordered the surviving crew to meet. There are no human remains there, save for Cave Crawlers everywhere.

Does Subnautica have an ending?

Subnautica: Below Zero is now complete. Many players who have completed the game are looking forward to the next Subnautica game now that the plot is complete, after two years of slow upgrades and modifications. If a Subnautica 3 is in the works at all. Below Zero’s finale left a lot to the imagination.

Does the Sunbeam leave wreckage?

They’re the remains of old ships that were either destroyed in orbit or while attempting to land or investigate the planet. The Sunbeam, on the other hand, was annihilated, and any bits that may have sunk to the ocean bottom will not be recovered since the ship was above the vacuum. It’s also not a part of the Degasi shambles.

Is the Subnautica map infinite?

The map terminates at the Dead Zone (about 1500 meters from Lifepod 5), however if you walk far enough, you may escape the dead zone, which has no sea bottom but no Ghost Leviathans. However, if you get it far enough, you will be transferred back to the safe shallows.

Will there be Subnautica 3?

Subnautica fans rejoice, because Unknown Worlds Entertainment has officially announced Subnautica 3! Still in the early stages of development, but still! We’re finally getting another video game journey to 4546B at some time in the future! .


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