Is Niall Matter in the New Aurora Teagarden?

If you’re a fan of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, you’re probably wondering if Niall Matter will be in the new movie. Here’s what we know so far!

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Aurora Teagarden is a young librarian with a smart head on her shoulders, and a love for solving murders. She’s been drawn into investigating several crimes in her small Georgia town, teaming up with local police detective Robin Crusoe to crack the case each time. In the latest Aurora Teagarden movie, All the Little Liars, premiering Sunday, August 13 at 9pm/8c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Aurora’s world is turned upside down when one of her good friends goes missing. Could this friendly face be responsible for the disappearance?

Who is Niall Matter?

Niall Matter (born October 20, 1980) is a Canadian actor. He is known for his roles as Zane Donovan in the Syfy series Eureka, Evan Cross in the Space Channel series Continuum, and most recently as Nick Miller in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Bone to Pick.

What is the new Aurora Teagarden?

The new Aurora Teagarden is a made-for-TV movie that is set to premiere on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2020. The movie is based on the book series of the same name by author Charlaine Harris. Aurora Teagarden is played by Candace Cameron Bure, and Niall Matter stars as Donovan.

Why is Niall Matter in the new Aurora Teagarden?

Many fans of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Aurora Teagarden series are wondering why Niall Matter, who played Archie Sheridan in the first three movies, is not in the fourth movie. The answer is simple: because the fourth movie is based on a book that was written before Niall Matter was cast as Archie Sheridan.

How does Niall Matter fit into the new Aurora Teagarden?

You may have seen Niall Matter in the new Aurora Teagarden movie and wondered how he fits into the story. Niall plays the role of Nick Miller, Aurora’s (Candice Cameron Bure) ex-boyfriend who she reconnects with while investigating a cold case. While their relationship is a bit complicated, it’s clear that Niall’s character still cares for Aurora and wants to help her solve the case.

What does Niall Matter bring to the new Aurora Teagarden?

Niall Matter brings a lot to the new Aurora Teagarden movie. He is a great actor and he has a lot of Chemistry with Candace Cameron Bure. He is also very good looking, which doesn’t hurt.

What can we expect from Niall Matter in the new Aurora Teagarden?

We can expect Niall Matter to play a significant role in the new Aurora Teagarden movie. He is an experienced actor and has worked on a number of projects in the past. We can expect him to deliver a strong performance in this movie.


After watching the first three episodes of the new season of Aurora Teagarden, it is safe to say that Niall Matter is not in the cast. While he was a regular in the first two seasons, he does not appear to be appearing in the third season at all. This is likely due to his commitments to other projects, such as the movie “The Devil’s Knot” and the TV show “Zoo.”

Aurora Teagarden Resources

If you’re a fan of the Aurora Teagarden movies, you might be wondering if Niall Matter is in the new one. The answer is yes! Matter plays the role of Nick Miller, Aurora’s love interest in the movie.

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