What Happened To Arthur On Aurora Teagarden?

If you’re a fan of the Aurora Teagarden series, you’re probably wondering what happened to Arthur in the latest movie. Here’s a quick recap of what went down.

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Aurora Teagarden is a Mystery Movies series on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The movies are based on the books written by Charlaine Harris. Aurora is played by Candace Cameron Bure. The series began in 2015 and there have been nine movies released as of 2019.

In the movies, Aurora is a librarian who solves murders with the help of her friends. Her love interest is Detective Robin Griffin, played by Niall Matter.

Arthur Sheffield is Robin’s partner on the police force. He is a supporting character in the series and has appeared in six of the nine movies.

Arthur was last seen in the movie Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery, which was released in 2017. In the movie, Arthur is shot and left in critical condition. It is unknown what happened to him after that because he has not been seen or mentioned in any of the subsequent movies.

Early life and family

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Arthur was the only child of real estate mogul John Teagarden and his wife Aurora. When Arthur was five years old, his parents separated and he went to live with his mother in Lawrenceton, Georgia. After graduating from high school, Arthur attended college for a year before dropping out and moving to Los Angeles, California.


Arthur was last seen in episode 3 of Aurora Teagarden, when he left to go on a business trip. He has not been seen or heard from since, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

The search for Arthurshaw has been ongoing since his disappearance, and there have been no clues as to his whereabouts. The police have scoured the area and issued a nationwide Amber Alert, but there has been no sign of him. His family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his safe return, and they are pleading for anyone with information to come forward.

The investigation

The investigation into Arthur’s death is still ongoing, but many believe that he was killed by someone he knew.

The suspects

In the show, Arthur is killed off-screen and his body is found in a park. The suspects in his murder are:
-Aurora Teagarden: Arthur’s wife and the show’s main character. She is ergophobic and has a fear of blood, which makes her an unlikely suspect. However, she was seen arguing with Arthur shortly before his death and she stands to inherit a large sum of money from him.
-Regina Soden: Aurora’s best friend and Arthur’s mistress. She is pregnant with Arthur’s child at the time of his death. She stands to inherit a large sum of money from him, which makes her a suspect.
-Phillip Bradley: Aurora’s ex-husband and the father of her son Roe. He was seen arguing with Arthur shortly before his death. He is also financially unstable, which makes him a suspect.
-Martin Bartell: A family friend who was seen arguing with Arthur shortly before his death. He is also financially unstable, which makes him a suspect.

The trial

The trial was the turning point in the Aurora Teagarden series. After being acquitted of killing his wife, Arthur is now a free man. But the trial has left him with a feeling of emptiness. He is no longer the husband of Aurora and he is no longer the father of their son, Robin. He is alone in the world and he does not know what to do with himself.

The verdict

In the end, the verdict was that Arthur had been poisoned by Dr. Andrews in an attempt to kill Aida. He was then caught and arrested.


Arthur was left in a coma after being attacked and robbed by a group of teenagers. He eventually woke up from the coma, but he was left with severe brain damage. He is now confined to a wheelchair and is unable to speak or care for himself.


The series adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden books came to a close with its final movie, Real Murders, airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2020. The movie was based on the ninth book in the series, and it wrapped up the story arc that had been building throughout the movies.

Arthur Shaw, Aurora’s sometimes-annoying but ultimately lovable father, was killed off in the final movie. It was a huge shock to fans of the series, especially because Arthur had been such a central character up until that point.

Fans were no doubt left wondering what happened to Arthur and why he was killed off. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of information available about why the decision was made to kill Arthur off. It’s possible that the actor who played Arthur, John Lithgow, simply wanted to move on to other projects. It’s also possible that the writers felt like they had taken the character as far as they could and that it was time for him to go.

Whatever the reason, Arthur’s death marked the end of an era for Aurora Teagarden fans. The good news is that there are still plenty of other great characters in the movies and books to enjoy.

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