What Happens To Aurora In The Originals?

Aurora is a major character in The Originals, and her story is full of surprises. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what happens to her in the show.

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Aurora’s History

Aurora was originally born as a human in the early 10th century to a family of nobility in what is now Scandinavia. When she was five, her family was attacked by vampires. All but Aurora were killed, and she was turned into a vampire herself. Aurora then began a new life with her new vampire family.

For the next few centuries, Aurora travelled with her vampire family across Europe. During this time, she began to exhibit signs of a rare condition known as vampirism. This caused her to develop abilities beyond those of typical vampires, such as the ability to walk in sunlight without burning.

Eventually, Aurora met and fell in love with another vampire named Viktor. Viktor was part of a secret society of vampires known as The Originals, who were sworn to protect humanity from evil vampires. When Viktor asked Aurora to join him in this society, she agreed.

Aurora then spent the next several hundred years fighting alongside Viktor and the other Originals against vampires who wished to harm humans. In recent years, however, Aurora has begun to question whether her loyalty lies with humans or vampires. She is currently torn between the two worlds, and it is uncertain where her allegiance will ultimately lie.

Aurora’s Powers

Aurora has the power of light and Life. She is a fairy. In the Originals she is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. She meets Phillip when she is sixteen and he is eighteen. They fall in love and eventually marry. However, on their wedding night, Phillip is killed by an evil sorcerer, Maleficent.

Aurora’s Family

Aurora’s family is one of the most important aspects of her character. She is very close to her parents and siblings, and they have a significant influence on her. Aurora’s mother is a powerful witch, and her father is a werewolf. Her older sister, Dahlia, is also a witch. Her younger brother, Ethan, is a werewolf.

Aurora’s Friends

In The Originals Aurora has many friends. She is best friends with Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. She is also friends with Hayley and Jackson.

Aurora’s Enemies

Aurora has made a lot of enemies over the years, but there are three that stand out above the rest. These are the vampires, werewolves, and witches who have all tried to kill her at one point or another.

The vampires are her oldest enemies, dating back to when she was first turned. They have been at war with each other ever since, with Aurora leading the charge against them. She has killed many vampires over the years, including some of their most powerful leaders.

The werewolves are a more recent adversary, but they have proved to be just as dangerous as the vampires. They attacked her pack family and killed her parents, sparking a vendetta that has yet to be settled. Aurora has killed many werewolves in revenge, but they continue to be a thorn in her side.

The witches are the newest addition to Aurora’s list of enemies. They have allied themselves with the vampires and werewolves in an attempt to destroy her and take over the supernatural world. However, they have underestimated her power and she has already begun to thwart their plans.

Aurora’s Love Life

In The Originals, Aurora Mikaelson’s love life is a bit of a rollercoaster. She’s been in relationships with both men and women, and she’s even had a baby with one of her ex-girlfriends. But what happens to Aurora in the end?

Aurora’s final relationship is with her ex-girlfriend, Hayley Marshall. The two women have a baby together, but they ultimately decide to go their separate ways. Aurora also has a close relationship with her cousin, Klaus Mikaelson. But despite their closeness, Klaus ultimately ends up betraying Aurora and she is killed by him in the season finale.

Aurora’s Tragedies

Aurora has had a lot of tragedy in her life. She was born to a mother who didn’t want her, she was rejected by her father, she was turned into a werewolf, and she was forced to kill her own brother. When she finally found happiness with Klaus, she was torn away from him and sent to live in the Afterlife.

Aurora’s Triumphs

In the Originals, Aurora was a major character who was always striving for power. She went from being a vampire to a werewolf to a witch, and she eventually became the most powerful being in New Orleans. She was also the only one who could defeat Klaus, which she did in the final season.

Aurora’s Future

While fans are anxious to find out what will happen to Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah in the upcoming fifth season of The Originals, they’re also curious about the fate of another important character — Aurora.

Aurora was first introduced in season three as a powerful witch who was aligned with the Mikaelson family’s enemies, the witches Marcel and Davina. She eventually turned against Marcel and Davina and joined forces with the Mikaelsons, but she was killed by her mother, Esther, in season four.

However, Aurora’s death may not be the end of her story. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Michael Narducci teased that there may be more to Aurora’s story in season five.

“We’ve seen in past seasons that death is not necessarily the end for anybody on this show,” Narducci said. “So I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Aurora again.”

Narducci didn’t say whether or not Aurora would be resurrected or if she would appear in flashbacks, but either way, it sounds like fans haven’t seen the last of her.

10)What Happens To Aurora In The Originals?

Aurora is a major character in The Originals, first appearing in the second episode of the first season. She is a witch and former member of the French Quarter Coven. She is also the daughter of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson, making her the half-sister of Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol.

Aurora was born in 10th century Norway to Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. When she was five years old, her parents had an argument which led to Esther killing Mikael. Afterward, Aurora and her siblings were forced to flee from their home. The six children eventually found their way to New Orleans where they started their own vampire coven.

As a member of the French Quarter Coven, Aurora was one of the most powerful witches in New Orleans. She was also very manipulative and often used her power to get what she wanted. In the early part of season one, she began a relationship with Klaus Mikaelson in order to get closer to his power. However, she eventually fell in love with him for real and they became a couple.

When the witch Genevieve attempted to sacrifice Aurora in order to break a curse that would kill all first-born children in New Orleans, Klaus saved her life by turning her into a vampire. This made Aurora one of the few day-walking vampires in existence.

However, due to the side effects of the transition, Aurora began experiencing hallucinations and seeing visions of her deceased father Mikael. These visions caused her to go off on a rampage where she killed several people before being stopped by Klaus. Afterward, she was institutionalized for her own safety.

In season three, it was revealed that Aurora had been released from the hospital and was living with Marcel Gerard. It was also revealed that she had been taking medication for her hallucinations which seemed to be under control.

However, when The Originals were threatened by The Hollow, Aurora stopped taking her medication so that she could help them fight against this new enemy. Unfortunately, this led to her visions returning and she once again went on a rampage; this time resulting in the death of Josh Rosza before being stopped by Marcel and Klaus.

Afterward, Aurora willingly went back to the hospital so that she could receive treatment for her condition; vowing to never stop taking her medication again so that she would never be a threat to those around her again.

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