What To Do In Aurora Co?

Similarly, What is Aurora CO known for?

The third-largest city in Colorado, Aurora, is renowned for its ethnic cuisine, art shows, outdoor activities, and tranquil environment. In the city, popular pastimes include sailing, golfing, the arts, fast-pitch softball, and live theater.

Also, it is asked, Why do we do Aurora?

There are many distinctive sights, things to do, and must-sees in Aurora. Visit one of Colorado’s parks, trails, golf courses, or stunning reservoirs to explore the state’s natural splendor. Thousands of acres of open space are also available.

Secondly, Can you see the mountains from Aurora CO?

The term “The Gateway to the Rockies” given to Aurora is one that only locals can really comprehend. Rocky Mountains surround the region and are readily reached from the Aurora region.

Also, What is the racial makeup of Aurora Colorado?

Statistics for Aurora White: 58.10 percent 16.71% of people are black or African American. Other race: 9.73 percent Including two or more races: 7.45%

People also ask, Is Aurora bigger than Denver?

Having the Surname Suburb The projected population of Aurora in 2013 was 345,000, which is more than twice as many as Fort Collins and more than three times as many as Pueblo. And if you measure by acres? Denver is larger, while Aurora is less developed.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the name of the mall in Aurora?

Aurora’s Town Center

What is the safest part of Aurora CO?

Top 9 Aurora, Colorado Neighborhoods Aurora Heights Aurora Hills, one of the greatest communities in Aurora, is renowned for its security and laid-back, welcoming atmosphere. Laurel Ridge Rock Saddle. In Expo Park. Hills of Meadow. Highlands of Aurora The Center Point. Heights of Chambers.

Is it expensive to live in Aurora Colorado?

The cost of living in Aurora, Colorado is 7% more expensive than the national average.

How close is Aurora to the mountains?

Rocky Mountain National Park and Aurora are separated by 62 kilometers.

Where can I see the sunset in Aurora Colorado?

Aurora’s Colorado Freedom Memorial The Colorado Freedom Memorial, which is accessible from sunrise till nightfall, celebrates the state’s freedom fighters. Take a stroll around the 4-acre park on the property or relax on a seat to take in an Aurora sunset.

What type of people live in Aurora?

Chinese people make up the biggest visible minority group, accounting for 40.49 percent of all visible minority people. West Asians, who make up 1,885 persons, are the second biggest group. West Asians are followed by South Asians, who make up 13.45% of the visible minority population.

What is the average family income in Aurora Colorado?

The median age of the 379k residents of Aurora, Colorado in 2019 was 34.3, and the typical family income was $69,235. Aurora, Colorado had a 1.56 percent rise in population between 2018 and 2019—from 373 487 to 379 312—and a 9.67 percent increase in its median family income—from $63, 128 to $69 235.

Are there black people in Aurora Colorado?

Aurora is the most diversified city in Colorado and the third biggest after Denver and Colorado Springs. More over 28% of inhabitants identify as Latino, 44% as White, 6.5% as Asian, and 16.5% as Black.

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Colorado?

HowMuch.net stats show that you need to earn more than $100,200 per year to live comfortably in Colorado. With this, you might make roughly $8,350 each month.

Should I live in Colorado Springs or Denver?

Colorado Springs was named the most attractive city in the nation and the second-best place to live in 2018 by U.S. News & World Report. Denver, on the other hand, was rated as the third-best city to live in and just made it into the top 10 for attractiveness.

How many stores are in the Aurora Mall?

The Town Center at Aurora is home to over 130 shops and eateries, including popular brands like Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, Baskin-Robbins, Victoria’s Secret, Express, and Macy’s. It also has entertainment venues including FieldhouseUSA and Airhouse Adventure Park.

When did Aurora Mall open?

Opened in 1975: Town Center at Aurora

What county is 80016 in Colorado?

County of Arapahoe

Is Aurora CO sketchy?

In comparison to all communities of all sizes, from the tiniest villages to the biggest metropolis, Aurora has one of the worst crime rates in America, with a crime rate of 43 per 1,000 population. Here, there is a one in 23 risk of being a victim of either violent or property crime.

Is it safe to travel to Aurora Colorado?

RISK OVERALL: MEDIUM Aurora generally has moderate levels of security. You will feel at ease here if you adhere to the standard safety precautions.

Is Meadow Hills Aurora CO safe?

There are 6,784 people living in the Meadow Hills area of Aurora, Colorado. One of the nicest areas to live in Colorado is Meadow Hills, which is in Arapahoe County.

What is it like living in Aurora CO?

Residents in Aurora enjoy an urban/suburban mix and the majority own their houses. There are several parks and coffee cafes in Aurora. The population of Aurora is mostly made up of families and young professionals, and it leans liberal. Aurora’s public schools are better than average.

What is the best area to live in Colorado?

According to U.S. News & World Report, Colorado Springs and Boulder are among the finest locations to live in the country in 2022. Only Hunstville, Alabama, was rated higher than Colorado Springs overall. The city received ratings of 5.7 for value and 6.4 out of 10 for overall quality of life.

How cold does it get in Aurora Colorado?

The average annual temperature ranges between 20°F and 88°F, seldom falling below 4°F or rising beyond 96°F.

What is the average water bill in Aurora CO?

Beginning in 2021, Aurora Water will implement a new residential water pricing tier system. $5.6352.4 is the Tier2021 Rate Percent of Bills at Level 1 percentage. $15.7328.0% for Tier 2. Tier 3: $5.8315.1 % $8.014.5 percent in Tier 4.

What airport do you fly into for Aurora Colorado?

International Airport of Denver

Does Aurora Colorado have an airport?

What airport is closest to Aurora? Denver (DEN) Airport, located 11.9 miles from Aurora, is the closest airport. Aspen (ASE), Eagle (EGE), and Colorado Springs (COS) are three other airports that are close by (114.6 miles).


The “things to do in aurora, co today” is a question that has been asked many times. Here are some suggestions of things that you can do: Aurora’s downtown area is full of great places to eat and shop. If you want to learn more about the history of Aurora, there are museums everywhere. There are also local attractions like the Aurora Fox Theater and the Auraria Campus.

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