Where Is Aurora Co?

Similarly, What is the closest city to Aurora CO?

Major cities around Aurora, CO8 miles from Denver, CO.62 miles from Colorado Springs, CO.335 miles from Albuquerque, NM.423 miles from Wichita, KS.439 miles from Lincoln, NE.454 miles from Lubbock, TX.484 miles from Omaha, NE.488 miles from Oklahoma City, OK

Also, it is asked, Is Aurora CO a suburb of Denver?

Aurora is a city in Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties in the United States. Aurora, Colorado’s third most populated city at the turn of the century, was an eastern suburb of Denver.

Secondly, How far is it to Denver Colorado to Aurora Colorado?

The distance between Aurora, CO and Denver, CO is 17 miles (27 kilometers). The journey starts in Aurora, Colorado. The journey concludes in Denver, Colorado.

Also, Where is Aurora vs Denver?

Aurora is a Home Rule Municipality in Colorado that spans Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas counties. The city is Colorado’s third most populated and the United States’ 56th most populous.

People also ask, What towns are close to Aurora IL?

North Aurora, Illinois.Oswego, Illinois.Batavia, Illinois.Warrenville, Illinois.Naperville, Illinois.Geneva, Illinois.West Chicago, Illinois.Plainfield, Illinois.

Related Questions and Answers

How did Aurora Colorado get its name?

Aurora was founded in the 1880s as the town of Fletcher, named after Denver industrialist Donald Fletcher, who regarded the area as a potential real estate investment.

Is Aurora CO A nice place to live?

Aurora is Colorado’s 28th safest city, with a track record that provides newcomers relocating to Aurora comfort of mind. Aurora has a crime rate that is 47 percent higher than the national average, despite being one of the safest cities in the state.

Is Aurora good place to live?

AURORA, ILLINOIS – Aurora has been named the best place to live the American Dream in the nation. SmartAsset, a personal financial startup, ranked the biggest 261 cities in America in its annual survey to find the greatest areas to live the American Dream. Aurora and West Valley City, Utah tied for first place.

Is Aurora CO bigger than Denver?

Being Referred to as a Suburb Aurora’s population was predicted to be 345,000 in 2013, more than twice that of Fort Collins and more than three times that of Pueblo. And what about acreage? Aurora is larger than Denver, yet it is less developed.

Is it expensive to live in Colorado?

According to U.S. News & World Report, Colorado is one of the top ten most expensive states to live in. This is mostly due to the fact that Colorado housing is 34% more costly than the rest of the country. Rent will cost about $1300 per month, while a mortgage will cost around $1,750.

What is Lakewood Colorado known for?

Lakewood also offers a diverse range of cultural and recreational opportunities. The Lakewood Cultural Center has a more than 300-seat theater and exhibition area, and the Lakewood Heritage Center has 15 historic buildings and over 40,000 items, as well as a popular outdoor amphitheater.

How long distance is from Aurora to Denver?

The distance between Aurora and Denver is 973 miles long. Driving from Aurora to Denver takes around 15 hours and 20 minutes.

Is it cheaper to live in Denver or Aurora?

Aurora has an 8.9% lower cost of living than Denver. Housing in Aurora is 23.2 percent less costly than housing in Denver. In Aurora, health-care costs are 1.9 percent higher.

What county is Aurora CO IN 80015?

County of Arapahoe (80015) Arapahoe County is a county in Colorado, United States of America. It has a population of 655,070 people as of the 2020 census, making it Colorado’s third-most populated county. Littleton is the county seat, while Aurora is the most populated city. Wikipedia

What county is Aurora CO 80017 in?

County of Arapahoe (80017) Arapahoe County is a county in Colorado, United States of America. It has a population of 655,070 people as of the 2020 census, making it Colorado’s third-most populated county. Littleton is the county seat, while Aurora is the most populated city. Wikipedia

Is Aurora close to Chicago?

The distance between Aurora, IL and Chicago, IL is 41 miles (66 kilometers). The journey starts in Aurora, Illinois.

Are there mountains in Aurora Colorado?

Aurora’s moniker, “The Gateway to the Rockies,” is well-known among residents. The region is bordered by the magnificent Rocky Mountains, which are readily accessible from Aurora.

What is the best city to live in Colorado?

Fort Collins, Colorado Larimer County’s large metro region is notable for prominent breweries, career opportunities, and Colorado State University, and was formerly voted the number one place to live in the whole US by Livability in 2020.

Is Aurora CO A good place to raise a family?

Is It Safe To Live In Aurora, Colorado? Aurora is a wonderful area to live, particularly if you want to unwind in a calm environment with abundance of outdoor activity and delicious restaurants. It also has a fantastic healthcare system, which is one of the reasons many families choose to reside here.

What is the safest town in Colorado?

According to the report, the following are Colorado’s top tensafe cities” for 2022: Brush. Frederick.Milliken.Severance. Gypsum. Dacono. Eagle. Village of Cherry Hills

Is Aurora a suburb of Chicago?

Aurora is a Chicago suburb with a population of 199,927 people. Kane County includes Aurora. Aurora inhabitants enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of people own their houses.

How close is Aurora to the mountains?

Rocky Mountain National Park and Aurora are separated by 62 kilometers.

Is Aurora A good part of Denver?

Aurora, about 25 minutes outside of Denver, is a popular choice for those looking to escape the “big city” housing costs of Denver. This area has a lot of green space, a handful of outstanding museums, and the University of Colorado Hospital is nearby.

What is the least populated city in Colorado?

KUSA — According to the 2010 census, Colorado’s smallest town has just eight inhabitants, but you’re probably more familiar with it because of the amusement park that carries its name and maybe the Walmart/shopping complex next door.

What is the name for the residents of Colorado?


What is a good salary in Colorado?

Colorado’s Average Salary Weekly PayAnnual SalaryTop Earners $84,553 Percentile $1,62675 $69,521$1,336Average $1,21225th Percentile $63,026 $46,504$894

What is a livable salary in Colorado?

Calculation of the Living Wage in Denver County, Colorado 1 ADULT 2 ADULTS (1 WORKING) 0 youngsters 2 youngsters Wage of Living$20.61$42.24 Wage of Poverty$6.19$12.74 Minimum Wage$12.56$12.56$12.56$12.56$12.56$12.56$12.

What is the racial makeup of Lakewood Colorado?

Lakewood Statistics 87.83 percent are white. 3.64 percent Asian 3.44 percent have two or more races. 2.84 percent other race

Is Lakewood CO A nice place to live?

Lakewood has the best of everything: low-cost homes, excellent schools, and quiet, pleasant communities with easy access to several trails and open spaces. You also have equal access to exciting Colorado activities and the great outdoors!


Aurora, CO is a city in the state of Colorado. It is located in the north-east of the state near Denver and it has a population of about 350 people.

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Aurora, Colorado is a city in the state of Colorado. It is located in central Colorado, north of Denver and south of Boulder. Reference: is aurora, colorado safe.

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