Who Played Aurora In The Originals?

We all know who played Klaus and Elijah on The Originals, but who played Aurora? Learn all about the actress who brought this complex character to life.

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Who is Aurora?

Many fans of The Originals were surprised when Aurora was revealed to be one of the main antagonists in season 3. So who is this character and why is she so important?

Aurora is a powerful witch who was born to a family of witches known as the Guerrera’s. The Guerrera’s were one of the most powerful families in the New Orleans witch community and Aurora was their prized possession. When she was just a child, her parents were killed bywerewolves and she was taken in by another witch, Esther Mikaelson.

Esther raised Aurora as her own daughter and taught her everything she knew about magic. When Aurora came of age, she joined her aunt Dahlia’s coven and quickly rose to power. Dahlia had plans to use Aurora as a weapon against the Mikaelson’s, but those plans fell apart when Klaus killed Dahlia.

Aurora blames the Mikaelson’s for her family’s death and has been seeking revenge ever since. She finally gets her chance when she arrives in New Orleans and starts working with Marcel Gerard. Together, they plot to take down the Mikaelson’s once and for all.

Who played Aurora in The Originals?

Aurora is a recurring character on The Originals. She is a powerful witch who is part of the French Quarter coven. Aurora was born to two powerful witches, Esther and Mikael, who were members of the original vampire family, the Mikaelson’s. Aurora has an older sister, Freya, and a younger brother, Finn. When Finn was killed by their father, Mikael, Aurora turned her back on her family and joined the French Quarter coven.

Aurora is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up to her family. She is loyal to her coven and will do anything to protect them. Aurora is also a very powerful witch and has shown herself to be capable of defeating even the most powerful vampires in combat.

In the episode “The Battle of New Orleans”, it is revealed that Aurora was in a relationship with Klaus Mikaelson during the 1920s. Klaus ended things with Aurora after she refused to help him kill his sister, Rebekah. This led to a bitter rivalry between the two witches that lasted for centuries.

Aurora was played by Christina Moses in The Originals.

How did Aurora die?

Aurora died in the Originals when Klaus killed her. It is unknown why Klaus killed her, but it is speculated that he did it because she was a threat to his power.

Who was responsible for Aurora’s death?

Aurora was a very powerful witch and the daughter of Mikael and Esther. She was also the sister of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah. She was born in the 10th century and died in the year 1002.

Aurora was responsible for the death of many people, including her own sister Freya. She was also responsible for the death of Klaus’ father, Ansel. Aurora was eventually killed by Klaus as revenge for the death of his father.

How did the death of Aurora affect the characters in The Originals?

The death of Aurora was a tragedy that affected all of the characters in The Originals. She was a beautiful and kind woman who was loved by everyone, and her death left a gaping hole in the hearts of all who knew her.

The Originals is a television show about vampires, werewolves, and witches, so death is a common occurrence. However, the death of Aurora was different than most because it was so sudden and unexpected. She was killed by Klaus, the vampire king, in a moment of rage. This act had far-reaching consequences for all of the characters involved.

One of the most immediate effects of Aurora’s death was the grief and anger that consumed Klaus. He had always been a volatile and dangerous vampire, but after killing Aurora he became even more unhinged. He went on a rampage, hunting down and killing any vampire who crossed his path. This led to a showdown with Marcel, Klaus’s former protégé. The two men fought fiercely until Marcel finally emerged victorious.

With Klaus out of the picture, Marcel took over as the new vampire king. He ruled with an iron fist, turning New Orleans into a city of terror. The other characters were forced to adapt to this new reality, including Aurora’s husband Elliott. He became increasingly detached from his emotions in order to survive in this new world.

Aurora’s death also had an impact on Hayley, one of Klaus’s former lovers. She was pregnant with his child at the time of Aurora’s death, and she struggled to come to terms with her grief and anger. Hayley eventually gave birth to a baby girl named Hope, who would grow up to be one of the main characters in The Originals spin-off series.

The Originals is a complex and emotional show that deals with loss in a very real way. The death of Aurora was a turning point for all of the characters involved, and it continues to echo through their lives even now.

What would have happened if Aurora had not died?

If Aurora had not died, she would have eventually become a vampire herself and would have joined forces with her brother Klaus against their common enemies. She would have also been a potential love interest for both Klaus and Elijah.

What was the motive for Aurora’s death?

It is still unknown what the motive for Aurora’s death was.

How could Aurora’s death have been prevented?

Aurora’s death on The Originals was a tragic and shocking event, but one that could have potentially been prevented. Had Klaus not been so consumed with his own happiness, he may have been able to save her. Aurora’s tragic death highlights the dangers of self-absorption and highlights the importance of always being there for your loved ones.

What lessons can be learned from Aurora’s death?

In the Originals, Aurora is a recurring character who is ultimately killed off. Some fans might argue that her death was unnecessary, but there are actually some important lessons that can be learned from it.

First and foremost, Aurora’s death highlights the dangers of being involved with vampires. Even though she was eventually turned into a vampire herself, she was never fully accepted by them and always felt like an outsider. This ultimately led to her downfall, as she was killed by a vampire who didn’t think twice about turning her into a blood slave.

Secondly, Aurora’s death also serves as a reminder that no one is truly safe in the world of the Originals. Even though she had managed to avoid being killed for centuries, her luck eventually ran out. This goes to show that nobody is invincible, and that even the strongest characters can be taken down if they’re not careful.

Finally, Aurora’s death serves as a reminder that even good people can make mistakes. She made the mistake of trusting Klaus, even though he had already proven himself to be untrustworthy. This ultimately led to her downfall, as she paid the ultimate price for her trust.

What impact did Aurora’s death have on the show?

Aurora’s death had a profound impact on The Originals. Not only did it spur Klaus to seek revenge, but it also deepened the rift between him and Elijah. It also put a strain on Hayley and Elijah’s relationship, as Hayley struggled to deal with the loss of her daughter.

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